Why you should have an expert looking over your company on social media

The Work of a social media or community manager is not always the most appreciated,  work where everyone plays usually isn’t.

When you use Social Media just from a personal side, you don’t pay for it, so it’s normal to think of hiring a professional has a superfluous investment.

But to use social media as an individual is completely different of communicating with the responsibilities of a brand.

With the proliferation of Social Media people spend more and more time on it, companies started to realize that they need to be present, but the task is usually given to interns or familiars used to be on social media.

The truth is that social media was made to be easy to use by anyone, but to master it and don’t fall situations that could hurt the brand reputations is another story.

So what really does a social media worker?



A company must have a consistent voice, is it on the blog, social media, email marketing or other pieces of online / offline content the brand shouldn’t vary much it’s communication otherwise it will lose its consistency.

Not only of words is a brand made, the visual content should also display the same consistency, a skillful community manager has the sensibility to keep it all in the same tune.


People want be heard, make sure to give them what they want.

From board targeting to 1-o-1 connections, the digital world gets you closer to your costumers and a good community manager keeps them satisfied responding to every need.

People often use Social Media to publicly display their discontent, fair or not, any complaint can’t be ignored (or deleted), the situation has to be evaluated, understand what could be done and promptly answered.

Transforming a complainer into a brand ambassador can be an Art.



Through social media the “fans” doesn’t want the usual advertising content created to mass media.

Creativity and relevance are two words that you have to be in mind when creating content for engagement through social media, but it is not all what’s needed.

The best content is actually a mix of Business relevant subjects, trending topics and SEO needed Keywords (and more) mixed with creativity and good taste.


Do you still think social media it’s free?

There’s no free lunches, if you want to have reach you have to pay like in other medias, the best part is that the better your communication, better performing will be your ad, and lower the cost.

Choose the most relevant KPI’s ( Key Performance Indicators), keep an eye on them, A/B testing, and always look to improve the ad are important things to do when investing in digital advertising campaigns.

Creating a digital advertising campaign may seem easy at first, but you will be losing money if you don’t look on the details, it’s known, the devil is in the details.


When embrace the digital world you need to understand that closed hours, weekends and vacations doesn’t exist anymore.

Your business is now open to the World. Your usual client can be on your city, but you can reach people from another countries and timezones than can be fans too.

Availability and fast answering is needed, but don’t be too much afraid, if you use a 24 hours response rule, most of the times you will be ok.

Mobile Go Web


It’s a fast evolutive world and you have to be ready to adopt and adapt to new ways of communicating.

What’s the best social media for you to share your content to your target audience? Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, Linkedin…should you be in one of them, or all?

Today Facebook may seem to have the hegemony of social media and through there you can reach almost anyone, but even now, if you’re planning to communicate to specific markets like Russia or China, you need to think in using VK and Renren.com.

Find where your costumer is playing.

Also we don’t know what will be the next big thing or even when it will appear, but that is not a reason to not be prepared.

To manage brands on social media is more than just putting together some posts and invite our friends to like our page, it involves strategy, caring, deep knowledge of the company and how it works, understand in how to handle clients, fast thinking  and adaptation to new situations.

On top of all that experience comes very handy when things don’t go smooth as we think, and they never do.

What are the main struggles you have with your Company on social media?

Do you want further help analysing your presence?

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