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How important is a blog for e-commerce

Savvy companies know the importance of having a blog on their website, especially when it comes to generating traffic and generate more leads for their e-commerce business.

But there are also a number of other benefits for those that have a blog, especially for e-commerce. Here are the reasons why a blog is important for your online store.

A blog generates traffic to your e-commerce store

When you create good quality content to your blog, it can start drawing attention and bring customers to your store. It all comes down to content and a good SEO strategy.

As you write new blog posts, new content is being added to the site, which may lead to being picked up by search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) that like new, relevant content.

But don’t think that you just need to write a post and that’s it.

Content marketing needs frequency and creating posts that help users. It’s a digital marketing strategy proven to have a great ROI in the medium to long term.

A good way to get more traffic to your blog is to insert links in your own posts to other posts and pages on your website. Internal linking is one of the factors Google considers when ranking a website. So there’s your first advantage of having a blog.

A blog creates trust with your customers

First impressions matter. An e-commerce company needs a good way to make a first good impression and to convert visitors into leads and customers, and a blog is just the tool to do that.

But why?

Because a blog will help highlight your store among all the noise, making you an expert in the product or service you sell.

Some ideas for content:

  • posts about recent products
  • interviews with happy customers
  • behind the scenes with your team
  • news and upcoming product launches

Your e-commerce blog should provide interesting, educational and useful content to your audience, in order to create trust and credibility for the products you sell. Think about enchanting the users, and you’ll easily close the sale with them.

A blog gets you noticed on social media

You may already know how important it is to share content on social media.

From the moment you start using your blog as a marketing tool, you’ll have what it takes to spread your message to your social media followers.

This will help your store being noticed while your content is being shared, attracting more customers to your website.

You don’t always need to post educational content. Know who your target audience is (your persona), and what he or she likes to read and share, and then create content for them.

Your content can be blog posts, but also, videos, infographics, ebooks, checklists and guides. Create good quality content and get them across the main social media outlets.

A blog generates leads

Every business wants more leads.

Once you start posting relevant, quality content, you’re giving people a reason for them to come back and trust you.

Make sure you get people to sign up to your mailing list or your blog’s feed through email. This way they’ll be up to date with your posts, bringing more traffic to your website.

Offer something on your blog, like an ebook or discount on the next purchase. Lead them to a landing page to convert a visitor into a lead, and then use email marketing to convert them into a customer.

A blog expands your reach

The goal for every business is to make a profit. For this you need to get the attention of your audience. But how do you do that if no one heard of your website?

People like content that is worthy enough to be shared. Create useful content for them and they will share it with their friends, giving you a wider reach for people you might not initially be able to reach.

Use social sharing on your blog so that people can easily share your content with others and know what your company has to say.

What are you waiting for?

After reading these tips on how important a blog is for e-commerce, it’s likely you’re already sold on the promisse that this digital strategy is paramount for every business.

The market space is being overcrowded at each passing day, and companies need to innovate to stay ahead.

This is your chance to make e-commerce work for your business, and to generate trust and loyalty with your audience. If you’re unclear on how to use a blog and content marketing to grow your business, get in touch with us and we’ll help.

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