Top 5 Tips to Sell with Youtube

We know that every year there is a new revolution in web and 2016 can be certainly the year of the video. What means that if we are talking about video we are also talking about Youtube! This is undoubtedly the biggest social media intended solely for this type of content. It is increasingly clear that brands are focusing on creating different channels which transmit what is their brand. In the image below we can feel the power of success that has this social media, or it was not the second largest search engine of the internet.

youtube infos

Everyone that have a Google email account is automatically a YouTube user, due the connection between the gmail account and this social network. The millennials (born since 1982) are the most who value the most this social media, because most likely recognize its value.

But how can your brand take full advantage of this social network and boost your sales? There are no miracle formulas, but these 5 tips will surely improve your performance in the short term:

1 – Customize your channel

A personalized and professional channel, will be more receptive to receive new followers, which do not know your brand, and look what you have to offer. Place your logo on the channel icon zone, create a custom banner to put on top of your channel, which will work exactly as it has on Facebook and Twitter, but with different measures. Also, customize the URL of your channel to something that is easy and intuitive to be shared and clearly alluding to your brand. However to customize this URL in your channel you will have to complete a minimum of requirements:

* Have a minimum of 500 subscribers;
* Having more than 30 days since the creation;
* Having a picture on the channel icon;
* Having a banner on the channel.

youtube banner

2 – Keywords of the channel and country
The keywords that you set for your channel will be very important to the outcome of future research and for what will show to your followers, and for future followers when they seek more information about your channel. If you have a channel connected to online gaming, keywords should focus on words related to that: gaming, online games, digital games, digital sports, among others.

The country will also be important. If your content is, for example, in Portuguese, you need to place your destination country properly. In this case, it would probably be Portugal or Brazil. If your content is intended to several countries using the English language, probably it will not make sense to fill this field, you can not select several alternatives.

youtube country

3 – Description of the channel

The initial part of promoting the creation of a channel is the most difficult, because th channel is unknown, the content is little and few are those who subscribe to a channel giving the benefit of the doubt. Thus it is essential to give all the necessary information so that the follower / user interested in what is to come on your channel. Therefore, you should fill the “about me” section with the necessary information  and, of course, the purpose of your channel, the main theme and what you want to achieve.

Do not forget that this same section has information available on the hyper links from other social media, website and online store, where you can forward the user if that is your intention.

About me youtube section

4 – Refer to your channel

As you do with your Facebook page, a Twitter account or your page on Instagram, do not forget to forward your audience to your Youtube channel. You can put this information in your signature e-mail through an image, the “about me” section of your Facebook and in other social media, and above all, on your website or online store. If your goal is to put the users viewing your videos to lead to some actions, this may be the right way!

5 – Home Channel

The main page is the first that appears to his followers and / or future followers when they enter your channel. You should use the option “featured video feature” that will allow you to use a primary display on your main page. This video can be the gateway to your “home”, so it is essential to summarize what is your channel, your service, what you want to convey to someone who met ahead of you and make you the question ” about what is your channel? “.

Also, you have the ability to create playlists on your channel. Those playlists add videos with something in common (example: action games, sports games, etc.). The more differentiated playlists you have on your main page, the greater the possibility of interest from the followers. You can create playlists for the most viewed videos, for example. The main objective is that it present content of interest, which your followers are looking. Do not forget that who orders and demands the content is your target audience! If no one seeks for those topics and themes, your video won’t be filling any gap.

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