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In recent years there has been more and more talk about the difference between being a boss and being a leader, the former being generally about telling people what to do and the latter about showing people how to do it, assuming a cooperative attitude. In this article I will address the theme of leadership, giving my testimony as CEO of Goweb Agency.


What is my focus?


As a leader, my main focus is to motivate and inspire my team to give their best. For you, this phrase may be a bit cliché, but anyone who knows me knows that I am passionate about the personal development of everyone around me. It sounds simple, but betting on the personal development of my team requires a lot of work and attention from each of the people who collaborate with me.


How do I do it?

For me, leadership starts at the recruiting stage. Before hiring someone, I always need to know what their main motivations are and see if they are in line with the company’s goals and values. From here, the process is simple: I meet regularly with the person to assess how their motivation and alignment with the company is going. Whenever there is no alignment, it is necessary to understand why and what needs to be done to restore this alignment. We cannot work with someone who is not happy in their work, as it is not good for either party.


Action plan

After evaluating the state of the employee-company relationship, it is time to draw up an action plan for the next phase of this relationship. This is the stage where we define activities and tasks to be developed to achieve our goals, always paying attention to the diversity of activities, as, in my experience, diversity is the fuel of motivation.


What do I use?


Whenever possible I try to present the activities to be carried out with visual resources, such as mind-maps, and I also consider very important the definition of quick-wins and moments of monitoring goals, since even making plans, there is a need to make some adjustments.


To end this article, I leave this quote from Jack Welch, one of the most influential entrepreneurs in the world, who taught me a lot about leading and inspiring people:


“When you were made a leader you weren’t given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others.”



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