6 Essential Tools in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing consists of a set of market strategies carried out online to attract new business, convert a visitor into potential customers and develop a brand identity, being one of the main ways that companies have to communicate with their audiences directly and custom.

 With the constant evolution of digital marketing, we are faced with the need to do more and better. In this sense, the importance of digital marketing tools arises. These have been, over the years, creatively adapted and created to speed up work routines, to better manage tasks and projects, facilitate content optimization, improve the brand image on social networks, strengthen the capture leads, and increase conversions.

 Thus, and intending to make the performance of our customers more and more effective, we highlight 6 tools that, in a way, have become indispensable when performing our work in Digital Marketing.


WordPress is the simplest and most popular way to create your website or blog as it is accessible to anyone. It is a free and flexible tool that consists of building websites, blogs, portals and e-commerces, and even portfolios.

 To efficiently monitor your brand’s online performance and draw consistent strategies for your business, Google Analytics is the largest analytics tool available on the market. With Google Analytics it is possible to create indicators and always follow them with a dashboard customized to different sectors and companies.


 When it comes to optimizing conversions, let’s not forget about Google Optimize. This is a website optimization tool that allows you to perform tests, using various combinations such as website HTML code elements, landing pages, images, call to action, blog posts, and forms. The result? An increase in the conversion and satisfaction of all who visit. This is an interesting tool that can be used at various levels of the sales funnel.


 RD Station is a Digital Marketing tool that contributes to Marketing Automation, that is, it allows you to do more with less effort. From generating and managing leads, controlling posts and interactions on social media, planning SEO strategy, analyzing campaign performance on websites, automating email marketing, analyzing reports, and even converting, RD Station is a complete and reference tool in the automation and sales market.


 Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into online boards. It is an extremely versatile platform that allows you to organize projects that involve a team following the personal tasks of each element. Through checklists, uploaded multimedia files, and colored labels, Trello can be an ally when it comes to planning your goals and strategies.

 Concerning Social Media Management we can highlight HeroPost! 

Heropost is a tool that allows you to schedule the content you want, both on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and many more! You can also analyze the results of each publication and test the effectiveness of your Hashtags. A tool that will contribute to the performance of your social networks quickly and effectively.


 These are the Digital Marketing tools that will improve and make your routine as a professional in the field more productive. For any need when working with Digital Marketing, there is a tool capable of helping you to achieve your goals, regardless of the size of your brand. Try and share your results with us!

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