Responsive Design: the key to a phenomenal website

Currently, a company’s website is one of the main gateways for new customers. In this sense, it is essential that it has, not only quality and relevant information for the customer but also an aspect that is appealing and easy to navigate, regardless of the device in which it is being used.

Responsive Design is the design modality that allows you to adapt your website to all types of devices, and that’s what I’m talking about in today’s article.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is an approach to web design that represents a set of practices that aim to adapt websites pages to the dimensions of various devices with different sizes. It is implemented using Media Queries which checks the width or resolution of the device and applies specific CSS styles for that resolution adapting the layout for a better user experience.

How important is a responsive website?

The evolution of technology has led to the emergence of various types of devices where people can access the Internet. If 20 years ago only desktop computers were used, nowadays laptops, mobile phones/smartphones, and tablets are used: all with different sizes – some are taller and thinner in width, others are shorter and wider.

In this sense, having a responsive website means that it will work correctly on all types of screens, regardless of size. It is essential to prioritize the navigation and performance of your website on mobile devices, as its use increases day by day.

Another advantage of responsive websites is their ranking in search engines – the more responsive your website, the better your qualification. A website that is not responsive will be penalized and overtaken by those that are responsive.

When creating the website, it should be a priority to start with mobile design as it is important to understand the content that will be presented in this version and adapt to larger screens and resolutions, not neglecting the user experience in all resolutions. Another fundamental aspect to take into account is the speed/performance of the website since users want to view your content in a matter of seconds and not minutes, so you should develop your website prioritizing:

  •  The loading speed;
  •  Good user experience practices;
  •  Better performance on any device, favoring mobile devices.

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