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A Month After Web Summit – What comes next?

A Month passed after Web Summit but hype stays high on the digital marketing world.

Were days of great networking, hearing the opinions of big decision makers and leaders on the biggest companies of the world, but it didn’t all ended on November 10th.

A lot was debated on the days after the big event and with further discussions we can came out with 4 things that certainly should be taken in consideration for the future.

Apps are being left behind

We already knew that Mobile Marketing was not a thing to be done on the sides. Mobile traffic is exceeding the desktop and marketers have been looking for ways to engage with their target audiences creating communities.

Apps have been seen has the best way to get a contact point with the clients, and enhance it’s experience with the brand, but our phones are full of apps.

The average American smartphone user downloads zero apps per month and that is spreading all over the world.

Bots are taking the stage.

Bots are automating the interactions online and replacing apps as the main point of contact with clientes.

Some players are already abandoning their mobile apps and creating bots to be the first line of an automated client support.

Soon messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat & Skype will be the only apps standing on your mobile phone, side by side with preferred browser and your favorite social media app.

VR and AR will be the next Hot Thing

Marketing is all about making a good experience for the client, and the new way to do it is through Virtual Reality and augmented reality

Get ready to see more experiences like this…

Hustle Hustle Hustle

Gary Vaynerchuck gave an awesome keynote on the art of hustle, but it is not (only) about that.

We are living in a fast tracked world, people are eager for more and more inovative new things.

Businesses landscapes are changing faster than ever and if you want to keep on top, there’s no time to settle.

See here the Highlights of Web Summit 2016

GoWeb Agency was present at the event and it has meet the high expectations, was a week of great networking and discussions with our peers.

For 2017 the expectations are even higher! Will we meet there?

Web Summit
Web Summit

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