How is our corporative image?

First of all Happy New Year!

With a new year is time to think about what we did, what we want and where we want to be.

So it’s important to understand how our brand is communication with the exterior. Are you having a good communication? Is your target group remembering your brand? Do you want to get the attention of other type of clients?

The external communication is very important for the company growth. In an increasingly competitive market, creating a visual identity is an indispensable tool to impact new buyers and position your brand in the market.

Your company, like you, needs a unique identity: something that defines it and makes it different. In the business context, the visual identity is the set of symbols and elements, mainly graphics that are designed to represent the values and ideals of the enterprise and communicate them to the client or target audience.

If you think about the Coca-Cola brand, the red image with white typography comes to our mind, so this communication is working. The exterior image is what stays in your mind when you think of the brand. The corporative image is essential to the organization and has a big impact in the enterprise communication.

It all starts with the development of your logo: think about the values that your company has and try to reproduce that in a simple way. Don´t forget “less is more”.

The next step is to choose the colour palette to be applied across visual communication and the typography. Colours have a vital importance in any area, and each one awakens a specific reaction in the spectator.

Other steps include standardizing the company’s promotions material, to have coherence in all communication, card, letters, flyers, site, and movies…

The Internet is now one of the primary means of communication, enabling it to reach diverse target audiences and around the world in a more dynamic, fast and communicative way. So it’s important that your web site reflect the same language because it’s probably one of the first things that you will see when reaching a company.

So in this beginning of year you need to think if your corporative image is in fact how you want to communicate your work or product.

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