A Glimpse of the Future @ QSP Summit

The QSP Summit is an event that fills me with joy, as a proud northern portuguese i’m lucky to have, every year, some of the best global marketing minds right in my doorstep.

I’ve already written some words on this year great agenda.

Goweb na QSPsummit
Full house on the start of #qspsummit2016

Since 2005, QSP summit as brought to Porto, top keynote speakers that tease and provoke us to question the status quo, making us have look into the future,  and for the 10th time, they didn’t let down.

“The New Global Age” was the theme that has sold out a thousand tickets, and starting with “Mr. Strategy”, Kenichi Ohmae, the expectations were so high that we could feel in the auditorium, through the day our attention was called for the paradigms of the new, connected and digital, world we’re living, and the opportunities given by the proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Kenichi Goweb QSPsummit
Kenichi Ohmae visiting Goweb Stand @ QSP summit 2016

Giles Morrison (Unilever) urged us to create products that will make a positive impact in people’s lives, when David Shing (AOL) told us that human needs are the Key, not technology, and the revolution we are seeing is based in 3 principles, Culture + Code + Creativity.

One thing that disappointed me in this year edition was the online interaction, those who have followed my advice and watched the Hashtag #QSPsummit, probably were too, the new global era is online and the summit was not, i may have an explanation, this year we watched a more executive summit, we could see more business consultants, financial directors and CEO’s with the normal marketing managers, but less creatives and social media enthusiasts, this implies that executive board members realized the importance of the marketing innovation, the new global age and the need of fast adaptation on the corporate strategy.

Also, the great speakers were so captive that the cellphones were kept on the pockets, and on the coffee breaks the networking was working perfectly…

Well, that’s the best success measure that we could hope for, isn’t it?

Let’s schedule a meet for QSP summit 2017?

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