Surely someone, already have “crossed” with any of these * acronyms, much in vogue in marketing books and the world of digital web.

Although they may seem “code” for computer, are not, are terms (abbreviations) in English, used to define optimization techniques in the search engines (like Google, Yahoo, Alexa, Bing, Ask, MSN, etc….) these techniques, variations, free or not, that can “position” your name, your company or your organization on the tops of lists of these internet giants.

It is somehow “fight” that hangs on the web, get a top spot in the listings, in research, in directories, social networks, so that those who seek, find us quickly and before the competition.
If by chance (or art), this “meeting” is combined with reliable links to our website, our scientific texts, the most relevant news, the social networking platforms and or professional where we promote ourselves, because then it means that we are using url’s friendly (user friendly’s), that the “king” of search engines, Google,enjoys.

The way we communicate our company, our products/services, or even our personal image is fundamental, but not least are the language, message, words, titles that we use in the construction of any communication.
It is what these search engine optimization techniques do… charge to bring web to those looking for whatever it is and find through keywords, titles, text and or pages, image titles, content, menu structures, websites with code “clean” and html or programming, which are some examples of efficient indexing.

Ideally, a combination of these techniques, however much depends on the business and the markets in which it operates its business as it sometimes may justify, either Adwords campaign (called paid advertising) in a specific period. These will with some effectiveness, position your links in top positions in research and these will certainly boost visits to your website, blog or other “fields”.

However, these all, SEO is the most common and effective (free and friendly manner), this makes much of the indexing and search engine optimization on the Internet, as regards the visibility and ranking of potential visits to your business, institution, or personal page.

This way of indexing and good practice will make your reputation grow exponentially and enable greater interaction and more and better consumers, eager for novelty and someone who satisfies their desires and needs.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
SEA – Search Engine Advertising
SMO – Social Media Optimization
SEM – Search Engine Marketing

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