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Essential for all companies, digital marketing is here to stay and revolutionize the entire market, sharing its prominence with the traditional one. In this sense, as this is a relatively “new” area, it is essential to demystify much of the misinformation that we can find. And how not to talk about something so present in our lives?

Thinking about you and your business, we have prepared a list of 5 myths that will help you see the world of digital marketing in a different way!

1.We must obtain a degree to work in the field.    

The easiest way to get started in digital marketing is by getting hands-on and learning. Doing a few headstands, but always improving our skills, techniques, and abilities.

Currently, the internet makes available for free a vast amount of complete materials from which you can learn a lot. In addition, there are several platforms that allow us to advertise the type of work we do, freelance style.

2. Digital marketing is just about managing social networks.    

In fact, this idea that digital marketing is social media is very, very far from being true. Without a good job on the search engines, organically or actively promoting with ads, the business is losing a lot of what could be its true potential in digital.

The truth is, if we look at just one traffic source, we find that around 64% of the overall traffic to a healthy website comes from search engines. If we don’t work on this aspect, as well as many others that digital marketing encompasses, we are betting, at best, on only 10% of what exists and is part of digital marketing.

3. My business must be on all social media. 

There is a tendency to want to appear on all social networks because it has no cost and it is easy to replicate information from one profile to another. However, we ended up having exactly the same content on all of them. Although we manage to adapt the content for each of the social networks, this process ends up being a lot of work. Furthermore, it turns out to be an unprofitable effort for your business if your target audience is not actively present on that social network.

In this sense, it is much more advantageous to define the target audience of your business, to check which social network this type of person uses the most and which will be of most interest to my business.

4. I have a small business, building a digital marketing plan is not a priority yet. 

This pandemic has also proved that businesses are all online and those that are not should be. The faster my business is online, the faster I will figure out how everything works. Currently, it no longer makes sense to think that Digital Marketing only concerns companies that operate online. There are all kinds of services online and they work very well. So it’s clearly a mega opportunity to get more awareness and, consequently, a larger number of customers.

5. Digital Marketing is just a fad.   

Whoever has this thought is wrong. Digital Marketing is here to stay.

Over the years, we have seen a significant change in consumer behavior, who started to use various digital resources and tools to base their purchase decisions. The consumer has become more demanding, always looking for the best opportunity, the best price, the best value for money; but it also seeks to know the opinion of other consumers regarding the organization’s treatment and the product it intends to purchase.

The fact is that people find all this information online in a few minutes, without having to go to various physical stores. In this sense, it becomes empirical that companies invest in a good Digital Marketing strategy to make themselves known and satisfy the consumer.

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