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The buying and selling process in the B2B market is usually a long cycle of advances and setbacks. To close the deal, it is necessary to create a relationship of trust with the client, be recognized as an expert in the matter and seen as knowledgeable of the best solution for the client.

For years, the main actions of capturing Leads (interested contacts) were Networking and “Cold Calling”. Several companies even considered the number of contacts and the number of Cold Callings made by their sellers one of the main KPIs. Fortunately, those times are long gone (or at least we hope so).

In a 2012 study by Baylor  University we learned that only 1% of Cold Callings actually became a meeting. This percentage is currently expected to be even lower. While  Networking  remains as an asset, the truth is that in the last years Cold Calling has been considered counter-productive, at least until the stage where the person of interest has demonstrated his intention to know more about the product.

Following the companies’ digital transformation, working methods and the emergence of social networks, a new “place” has emerged where professionals connect with each other and are willing to discuss ideas, timeliness and, eventually, move on to business.

Social Selling emerges as a new way of networking that enhances contact with potential customers in a less intrusive way. Social Selling is a way to sell on the digital channels where your customers are.

Although social networks and Social Selling have been a reality for several years now, many companies have not yet understood their importance and potential. The present sellers must be social sellers – they should be information facilitators with a great knowledge of the market and a digital ambassador for their company, being able to present the best solutions for their (potential) clients.

After this initial process, these professionals will introduce the (potential) client to a more advanced phase in the sales cycle, leading them to a more informed purchase and ensuring their satisfaction.

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