Why You should Have a Blog in B2B

To own a Company Blog when you are selling to businesses is not an easy task. You probably will not get so much readers and engagement but as time goes by you will see other important advantages appearing.


A blog incorporated in a company website has a positive influence on search engines, putting the company as an authority on the matters most discussed and helping it to get higher on the organic results representing more and better qualified leads.

When looking for something online, 70 to 80 % of people ignore ads on search engines, focusing on the organic results. (Source: searchenginejournal.com)

PR Vehicle

As editor in chief of your blog, you own a place where you decide what to share.

It’s not easy to have the press attention in every release or new service, sharing the details on a blog post you can keep you press releases small and point to the post to know more.

As the curator you should understand that the blog is not the place to sell and talk only about yourself, but your reader want also to know whats going on your business so, occasionally you could use it to present your new products, services, partnerships and even humanize your business with Team related content.

Sharing expertise 

“Before contact a commercial a possible client usually looks on between 3 and 4 pieces of content about the company” (Source Demand Gen Report 2016).

If you use a blog to help your audience understand your area of expertise you will be seen as valuable source to them and you will be able to move them further on the sales funnel easier.

Content Distribution Strategy

Your Company Domain is a controlled place where you can centralize your efforts of content marketing with security and even facilitate the content distribution strategy.

After posting an article you can share it through multiple channels such as the social media itself but also RSS feeds and email, the outcome will be more clicks to your Business Website.

“52% B2B Marketers say that Blogs will be the most critical strategy to Content Marketing Success in 2017” (Source:B2B Content Marketing 2017 By Content Marketing Institute)

Get insights to lead strategy

Metrics matter, know how many people do really read what you share? Which articles and subjects gets more attention?

These are questions easy to answer with every analytical tool implemented in a website, with a blog you are able to see trends on your specific audience, helping you to understand and focus on what is catching the interest of your clients.

Improve Gated Content Leads

Producing an eBook, a White Paper or even an infographic, takes time and effort but is known to get you some leads.

After the gated content ready, you can improve your work results by sharing a resume or introduction as a blog post. Linking the post to the gated content as the next step to who wants to dive into the subject you will filter the readers level of interest, helping your content drive more qualified lead.

In resume a company Blog will help you with:

  • Be found on the internet
  • Known as an expert in the Business
  • Provide a valuable source of information to your client
  • As the repository of content to be shared
  • Drive qualified leads

The Main takeaway is that a Business Blog should not be seen as a selling vehicle, but a place to share valuable content to educate and help your readers to achieve more.

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