5 Tips to improve your Web Design


  1. First Impression Counts


The web is probably full of websites about the same theme or product that you sell, so when someone access to our web site, it needs to make an impact because the user is only one click away from the competition.

You need to create a very good first impression in order to keep the users.


  1. Keep it Simple


To help you make a good impression you need to keep the site simple and easy, you may think that you only have an image, a graphic, different colours and type words, but in fact this can be too much information. Don’t be afraid of the empty space. You need focus in the important things.


  1. Coherence is everything


We have many channels to talk with our clients, your card, our email, our Facebook, instagram, among others. So it’s important to have the same communication in all of them. Because in fact they are the same and it’s important to have coherence.


  1. Don’t make users Think


The navigation in our site needs to be easy, it can´t be a labyrinth. For instance if the user wants buy something but needs to much time to find the right product, probably they’ll give up. Reduce the number of pages, and clicks, make sure there’s no obstacles between the buyer and the product.


  1. Test your design


Some times we think that we have the most imprecise and functional design but in fact the only way to find out if our platform is user friendly is by testing it and learn with the results.

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