Why Design is so important?

Today I would like to talk about the importance of Design.

Design is the way to create something beautiful and functional at the same time, but why is this so relevant?

Because design is a differential element.

In a world so fast, where every day some new object or product comes up, with the same or similar function, a good design is the way to stand out from the competition.

But unfortunately many enterprises think that design is waste of time and money, a superfluous and unnecessary expense.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Design is the way to improve your commercial scale.

So if I have two similar t-shirts I will certainly chose the prettiest, meaning, the one with the best design, and this happens with every thing.

If you look at big companies like Coca-Cola, Apple, Google, etc., you will see a big chunk of investment in design and marketing, because they understand how much of a key element this is. For example, Apple may have a good product, but the key factor is their design and user experience, we can recognize an Apple product miles away.

So design isn’t a luxury, it’s a good investment.

I would like to leave you with a short video on the value of Design.


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