Why Web Design is so important for your Business?

I want to give you a challenge. Imagine you need some info; first you Google it, then you click the link that you find more viable or credible. Once you open that site, how long did you spend looking for the answer? If the web site is to slow what do you do? Or if the website is difficult to navigate, do you stay there or go back to Google and click in other link?

Probably you are thinking:  “back to Google…”

So the first lesson is, if the site isn’t quick and easy, you have a bad Design. You need help fast, because you are losing clients and opportunities.

A good design is easy to navigate, fast and you don’t need too many clicks to find your answer.

Nowadays the Internet is one of the most important faces of your business, and of course if you’re not in the web you don’t exist.

We can make a comparison with your office. The office is the physical image of your business, where the customer sees the company working, if it is clean and organized. No customer wants to reach an office/store where the space is dark, dirty and an organizational chaos. In our website the same applies, in today’s world probably the website will be the first image that we have of the company, and first impressions still matter, a clear and easy to use website is essential to capture the attention of a potential customer.

So what are the real vantages of a good website:

  1. Good Sites increase the interface with clients

Because if you have a good design, the client goes to where he wants. And the web design can help guide your client to where you want him to go. But for that you need a fast site.

  1. Web site improve your image

If you have an ugly site you connect the image of your service or product to that. In other hand if you have a beautiful site you’ll have the attention of your costumer.

  1. Responsive site increase your visibility

Nowadays many people use smartphones and tablets all day, so if our site doesn’t adapt to this kind of medium it will lose the interface and people leave to other website.

  1. Functionality is beauty

Like I said in a previous post, Design combines functionality and beauty and in this case it’s the same.  If you have a beautiful and functional design you create trust and guide visitors to take action.



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