How often, in these days, we do not underlie our choices on the experiences of friends and family?

Since time immemorial, the word of mouth among friends, family and acquaintances have been a key element in decision-making when purchasing products or services.

How many times have you acquired product x or y service based on a friend or a friend of a friend’s opinion?

The word-of-mouth is, indeed, an indispensable and powerful tool of Marketing.

And now let’s add the social networks. With millions of people around the world, linked together, interacting, to exchange ideas, words, concepts … deep down… communicating, not only globally but instantaneously. If in the past the word of mouth of this or that product would take weeks or months, today is a matter of hours or days.

According to the Nielsen Global Trust, a study in 2007 on Advertising, 78% of people trust recommendations from other consumers. McKinsey and Co. estimate that two-thirds of the world economy are influenced by personal recommendations. Consumer to consumer. And social networks and the Internet are in fact the amplifiers of this phenomenon.

Marshall McLuhan in the 60s predicted that a world would become a global village … and did not fail … in nothing.

Aware of the phenomenon, Goweb follows not only the feedback of their customers, but what customers and their customers’ friends say and talk about their work. Examples such as the following illustrate the power of the global village of McLuhan:

This is something that, modesty aside, fills us with great pride.

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